My PAAC  Digital Portfolio 2014-15
By: April Vasquez
Period: 1

This website is to hold all of my past work I've done in my Principles of Art, AV Communications Technology class. For someday in which I may need to look back at them. It also includes all of the different principles we have learned throughout the semester.

Desktop Publishing/Pages

Digital Photography

This project was over Desktop Publishing. In desktop Publishing we learned how to make advertisements, posters and even business cards. We used the application Pages to get this done. The picture above was an assignment on advertising our own business.

In Digital photography we learned how to properly use a camera, how to recored things and even how to upload the items onto a computer for other uses. As a class took a tour around our school to experience how to use a camera. The picture above is from the front scenery of our school.

E-Mails and Blogs

In this unit we learned how to send Emails, How to receive emails and How to make our very own blow. We have had quite a lot of experience with these applications and I believe to know how to use them very well. To link at my blog just click the link below April's Blog  

Fashion Design

In the unit Fashion Design we learned about different fabrics and textiles. We also learned about buying measurements and how it is very important when buying them in the fashion design business. Above is a picture from our project we do in class over having our own fashion collection and what it would look like. This is probably one of my favorite units.

Keynote Presentations

In this unit we learned how to properly use the application Keynote. In Keynote we made a lot of presentations. Above is a picture from one of our projects. Keynote is very fun and easy to use.


In our photoshop unit we learned how to make different images appear to look different. Photoshop can be a little complicated at first but once you get the hang of it its not all the hard. We did a couple of projects in this unit but sadly I have none left saved to show.

Game design

In our game design unit we went over the different elements of gaming and how a video game is made up. I found this unit quite interesting as well. We also used a website to help called Gamestar Maechanics. The picture above shows our last project on game design, in our project we had to research the history of our favorite video game.

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