By: Abigail Altman

Core 4

How I Feel About Meditation

When we did the meditation in Mr.Halkuff's class, first we took deep breaths and breathed in our nose, and out our mouths. We were sitting criss-cross apple sauce. Mr. H told us to say "Um" . The next thing we did was layed on our backs and imagined we were on a beach. The last thing we did was listed to a lady on the smartboard. She was trying to relax us.

Before the meditation I felt normal. I was anxious to see what meditating was like! During the meditation I was sleepy. I was very relaxed. My back hurt when I postured up. I would try meditating again. I actually already did it when I was mad at my sister. I was trying to calm myself, and it worked. This could be very helpful when you are stressed or need to get things of your mind.


Meditation: Sit comfortably, take deep breaths

Mantra: When someone repeats what someone said

Deep Breathing: Take big breaths in your nose. Breath out of your mouth.

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