Teaching your kids

How to raise them properly

     In accordance to Martin Luther King Day, CNN released an article explaining how we can talk to kids about racism. Kimmie Fink, a third grade teacher was leading a book allowed to her class that involved a Japanese character. A kid, being a kid, took their fingers to their eyes and stretched them out. Fink, being asian herself, politely told the child that because she was asian, it hurt her feelings when people did that. The kid quickly apologized, stating that they had no intention to hurt their teacher's feelings.

     What we experience in this day in age is the fact that we think we can say what ever we want without hurting other peoples feelings, damaging who they are. It's either that or we don't care. The truth is, everything that we say is being heard by someone, and someone is either vocally or mentally judging you. All of this needs to stop. How do we stop it? We raise children correctly.

     Many parents, adults and teenagers believe that children aren't listening to what they are saying, the article continues. However, kids will often say things such as "that's gay." They don't understand it as an insult as older people do. They hear people say it, and think that it is okay to say. They understand what being gay means, they just don't realize people will use it as an insult in everyday life.

     So to prevent this problem, grow your kids up to be respectful. If they do something wrong, don't spite them, explain how it can hurt other people's feelings, and they will not do it again. It is not a kids mission to destroy who a person is, that is an invention of grown minds. Remind them to be respectful of who people are.

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