Properties Of Matter


Mass is the amount of matter inside of an object.

It can be measured by grams or kilograms.

Like this paper clip, it's mass is about one gram.


Volume is the amount of a gas or liquid

a container can hold.

Measuring cups are good for measuring the volume of liquids


Weight is how much gravity is pulling and object

or a living thing towards the center of the Earth.

It can be measured in pounds or tons and is usally

measured by a scale.



Density is weather or not an

object floats or sinks.

The green object is more dense than the red one



Conduct means to carry something over to something else. I don't mean pick it up and

carry it to another place. Metal for example, it's a great conducter of electricity!

Examples of conducters of electricity:

  • metal
  • copper
  • brass

Electricity isn't the only thing that can be conducted, Heat can also be conducted, and metal is a great conducter of that to!

This iPhone charger conducts electricity from the wall to the phone. It's covered in rubber that makes it okay to touch, but under the rubber there is just a wire and if you touched it you'd get electricuded!


Insulate means to keep in heat.

Like when you have a cup of tea in a glass cup

the glass keeps your tea warm because it doesn't

let the tea's heat out.

This boys jacket is insulating his body heat.


If something is soluble it means it can dissolve. But what does dissolve mean? It's kind of like some thing dissapears in water. Like salt, for example, it dissolves when you put it in water.

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