Ocean Conservancy

When was it organized? Founded in 1972

What they do

"Ocean Conservancy works to keep the ocean healthy, to keep us healthy"

  • Bring people together to find solutions for the water on our planet.
  • Educate people to defend the ocean and it's wildlife.
  • Not only do they want the oceans clean for the animals, but they also want it to be clean for the people who make their living from the ocean.


Located in our nations capitol 1300 19th Street, NW 8th floor Washington, DC

Places Ocean Conservancy protects

  • Arctic Ocean
  • Pacific Coast
  • Gulf of Mexico
  • Atlantic Coast

1972- Ocean Conservancy was born and with the creation of Delta Corporation, later know as Environmental Education, The Center of Marine Conservation and later Ocean Conservancy

1986- Ocean Conservancy's first cleanup was held on 12 sites along the Texas shoreline

1992- Ocean Conservancy helped to establish Monterrey Bay National Marine Sanctuary  

2011- More than 6,000 sites in more than 100 countries participated in The International Coastal Cleanup


Trash free sees

           -Trash comprises the wildlife, humans, and livelihoods that depend on a healthy ocean

          -Tourism and recreation are vital for our economy and trash filed oceans compromise that

          - People have to put in thier time and effort to try and clean up beaches

Sustainable fisheries  

          - Fish nourish wildlife

          - Many people depend on fish for protein

          - Sustains economy

          - Places are dependent on the tourism of snorklers, divers, and recrestional fisherman

Ocean acidification

           - Acidification damages the basic building blocks

           - Humans are changing the ocean's chemistry, the ocean absorbs much of the carbon dioxide that is in the atmosphere

           - Acidification damages oysters, clams, corals, and other animals that make a shell or skeleton

Their Vision

Clean beaches and clean water

                 - Ocean Conservancy sets up beach cleanups around the world

                 -  Create solutions to the ocean trash issue

Thriving ocean economy

                  - Maintain and secure sustainable fisheries

                  - Protect fragile habitats to restore fisheries and boost the economy

A balanced working ocean

                 - Healthy wildlife in protected habitats

                 - Smart ocean planning

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