Wind is produced by uneven heating since earth's surface has various land.

"What is wind"

Wind happens when the sun warms the earth's surface and the atmosphere gets warm like the earth's surface.

"what causes wind"

A jet stream is a fast moving river of air found in the atmosphere it is more than 5 miles up from earth's surface.

"what is the jet stream"

When air is heated to gets hot then it rises, leaving low pressure behind.

"what are global wind patterns"

Westerlies are winds that blow from the west to the east.

"what are prevailing westerlies"

A sea breeze is when warm air over the land rises up and the cool air over the surface of the ocean goes under the rising warm air.

"What is a sea breeze"
"What is land breeze"

A land breeze is a kind of wind that happens at night.

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