People of the Renaissance

By: Katie Wheeler
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Christine de Pizan


Timeline of Christine de Pizan's Life

  • 1364 - Christine de Pizan was born in Venice
  • 1380 - She married Etienne de Castel at the age of 15
  • 1387 - Husband died
  • 1394 - Began writing poems
  • 1399 - Career in literature began
  • 1402-1429 - Wrote many things including finishing a biography of Charles V, a book to console women after the 100 Years' War, and a tribute to Joan of Arc
  • 1415 - She retired to a covent where she still wrote
  • 1430 - Christine died

Christine de Pizan's Achievements and Facts

  • Christine was very well educated in literature, languages, science, and geometry which helped her become a writer
  • In her career she completed forty-one poems
  • She was Europe's first professional female writer
  • Christine challenged misogyny and stereotypes
  • It is argued weather Christine de Pizan was an early feminist who used language to show that women could play a bigger, more important role in society, however some people argue that her beliefs weren't advanced enough for her to be considered an early feminist

Lady Jane Grey

Reformation Thinkers

Timeline of Lady Jane Grey's Life

  • October 1537 - Born
  • May 25, 1553 - Married Lord Guildford Dudley
  • June 10, 1553 - John Dudley convinced King Edward VI to make Jane Grey his successor to the crown in his will
  • July 6, 1553 - King Edward VI dies
  • July 9, 1553 - Lady Jane Grey is told she will become the Queen of England
  • July 10, 1553 - John Dudley declared Jane Grey the Queen of England
  • July 19 - 1553 - Jane is ordered to resign the crown to the newly appointed Queen Mary
  • February 12, 1554 - Lady Jane Grey was beheaded

Lady Jane Grey's Achievements and Facts

  • She was the great-granddaughter of King Henry VIII of England which linked her to the royal family
  • Growing up Jane was greatly educated, her academic accomplishments amazed her tutors and exceeded those of much older kids
  • Jane became fluent in Latin, Greek, French, and Italian
  • She was a devoted Protestant which was part of the reason why she was made Queen of England even though she didn't want to be, both her parents and the father of her husband made her become Queen to keep England Protestant and not Roman Catholic
  • Lady Jane Grey was only Queen of England for nine days before she was forced to resign her crown to Queen Mary, Lady Jane Grey is known as The Nine Day Queen
  • In her very short reign as Queen she showed promise, she was independent and had good judgement



One of Caravaggio's Most Famous Paintings Calling of Saint Matthew

Timeline of Caravaggio's Life

  • 1571 - Born in Milan
  • 1583 - He was orphaned and apprenticed with Simone Peterzano
  • 1593 - Painted Boy With a Basket of Fruit where his unique style began to emerge
  • 1595 - He started selling paintings through a dealer
  • 1600 - Paintings Calling of Saint Matthew and Martyrdom of Saint Matthew were revealed
  • 1606 - Killed a man in a brawl and left Rome
  • 1609 - He got in another fight that left him injured
  • 1610 - Died at the age of 38 in Porto Ercole

Caravaggio's Achievements and Facts

  • When he was 11 he was an apprentice to Simone Peterzano for four years, thats where he learned to paint
  • Caravaggio had a new technique he used on paintings called tenebrism, he used shadow to emphasize lighter areas to leave a dramatic impact on the viewer
  • He painted directly from posed models which went against the traditional Renaissance art
  • Caravaggio's paintings, Calling of Saint Matthew and Martyrdom of Saint Matthew, established his reputation
  • After Caravaggio died his paintings weren't famous or even recognised until the 20th centuary when his importance in the development in Western art was rediscovered


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