The Gardener S.A Bodeen

Miguel Madrid III

Evolution is changes in the gardener it important because the world changing.

A heterothroph is orgasm that cant manafacture alone in the gardener laila is a hetero throph.

Photosynthesis is the process of growing it important in the gardener  because they use growing

Plutotroph is experimented person its impoetant because in the gardener because thats why they do for a living.

Before reading the gardener i thought it was about people being grown like plants mutants.

why did they let there kid get experminted on and why did he fall in love with her

The climate change wiil effect the food because we wouldent have the proper waether to grow food.

Dear future generations is talking about how we destroyed the world and that we are sorry for the way we left the world.

Dear future generations themes are the topic of the envirement and the government and why we are cutting down the trees for money.

The Garner blue is a butter fly and it lives in trees the Garner blue is important to the gardener because they use the example of them going extict.

My final thoughts

Is that the generations principle is important and we should honor it.

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