Help Wanted: Dentist   

Dentist at work. Hunter Devotie contact me at 865-603-7931

I'm looking for people interested in: Fixing and cleaning teeth daily.

   One activity that you will be doing is you will see and make conversation with people daily.

   The working conditions and very good, and you will have privacy if need be.

    One interest you must have to be a dentist is helping co-workers understand what will be going on.

     One work value you must have is independence.

     Some basic skills you must have is coordination and time management.

      You must have a minimum of a Bachelor's degree and and Doctoral degree in dental medicine or dental surgery.

       The average salary for a dentist in Tennessee is $167,840.

       It would be great and you would have a better chance of getting the job if you have worked for some oral job in the past, especially a orthodontist.

      Bio medicine is  increasing job opportunities these next years so I think that dentistry will increase in jobs also.


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