Clostridium Perfringens

Most common food poisoning in the united states

Clostridium Perfringens is the most common food poisoning in the United States.  This bacteria cause nearly a million illnesses each year because of the simplest things washing your hands, cutting vegetables and raw meat on the same board and even more things we do that will cause this illnesses.  Who is truly at risk is older adults, infants, and young children but they have to drink plenty of water if this does happen.  But we can always prevent this by thoroughly cooking the food, keeping food hot (at 140 F or above), those are simple ways we can prevent  Clostridium Perfringens from happening.

This picture shows what clostridium perfringens looks like when it is inside you.
This picture shows what is the cost for food poisoning and what happens when you get it.
This picture shows how to prevent food poisoning.
This picture shows you need divide vegetable and raw meat on a different cutting board.

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