All Songs Considered PBL created by Colleen Graves, Rebecca Wilson, and Holly Witter

A month ago we had an idea to change a music lesson into a podcast modeled after All Songs Considered. The PBL that followed was one wild ride! Below is our initial planning doc.

We began our PBL by listening to a podcast I created and then discussing opening and closed questioning.

After our lesson in questioning, Ss wrote up their "Need to Knows" and began their first blog on our All Songs Blog in Google Sites.  (We created a template in Google Sites with the rubric, PBL calendar, Blog outline, and student feedback form.  Then I used "Site Maestro" in #GAFE to make copies of sites and make students owners of their own All Songs PBL Google Site.

When our rubric wasn't complete (but we needed to start our project) our design coaches discussed having the Ss help create it.  What a great way to give students ownership in the project! As a team, we came up with the "at standard" and then had students decide what would be "approaching standard" and "below."

The Rubric on our Google Sheet with student feedback is embedded below.

For once students READ the rubric! AND they helped create the criteria.  

After four insightful blogs and 3 interviews, our crowdsourcing research project was ready for a write up! Students wrote these opinion pieces as a radio script.  Some preferred handwritten scripts and some preferred working on computers.

I did a quick tutorial on how to use Audioboom and kids were ready to record their podcasts!

After creation, we set up a preview listening party and had band students give our students feedback.

We were finally ready for the big day! We invited parents, zone leaders, design coaches, and the head of educational technology to come enjoy our student's hard work.  We printed QR codes for all of the podcasts and plastered them on the library windows.  Then we had students set up iPads for each class period and had three different sessions of listening parties.  Our teachers and SRO even came to listen.

Our principal loved the outcome of this PBL!

Mrs. Witter and Mrs. Wilson brought their classes down and asked students to listen and respond to at least four podcasts.  It was the quietest the library has ever been! Our kids were off in their own musical worlds. Click below to hear what it sounds like with a full class during the listening gala.

Some students even performed their favorite songs while students were mingling.

Enough with the "HOW" we wanna listen!!!!!

Here are some amazing examples from our students about "How music has shaped our lives." ENJOY!

I'm pretty sure Peyton 384 will be working for NPR some day! Listen below!

Check out Bezerker's podcast with live interviews!

Greenblue also has a distinctive Radio DJ voice!

You won't believe a teenager can be as profound as Kimk9099!

Music let's you see through other's eyes.

Victoria's podcast made me dance!

Music means a lot to Kayla123....

Another DJ to be...