Specialist Mobility Products – Options To Maintain An Active Life

Life has a way of surprising us in many unimaginable ways. Simple issues keep cropping up that hinder the uninterrupted flow of everyday activities and people struggle to cope with these changes. Most of us have faced mobility issues at some other point in our lives. Whether it was as a result of an accident or maybe an illness, there have been times when managing the task of getting from one place to another, however short the distance, seems to be utterly impossible. The lives of the disabled and elderly people are even more fraught with problems. While most of us get over the illness and regain normal mobility in a few weeks, they are stuck with dealing with these problems for the remainder of their lives. Being dependent of others for simple chores such as visiting a friend or buying their grocery can be quite frustrating. Specialist mobility products provide them with the answer to these troubles.

Known as Power Mobility Products, these devices allow people to lead active and independent lives without endangering their safety. These systems range from mobility scooters to electric wheelchairs and accessories and features that are designed with the needs of differently-abled people in mind. They help people manage their travels in safe and hassle free formats without resorting to taking assistance from others. There are two basic options available to choose from in this product category. Here is a brief description of them all.

Power Mobility Devices

These are a class of wheelchairs including electric wheelchairs that are designed to provide convenient mobility to people with severe weakness in upper extremities of the body. These electric wheelchairs are generally operated by joysticks or other electronic means to steer the vehicle in the desired direction, thereby facilitating people with neurological or muscular conditions. In fact there are designs available that allow steering by using a single hand or even the head. They are more suitable for in-home use and offer a smaller turning radius as compared to their outdoor travel counterparts. Travel trips and shopping however cannot be managed with these vehicles.

Power Operated vehicles

These are basically mobility scooters that provide differently-abled people with a chance to commute and travel across longer distances, thereby overcoming the shortcomings of electric wheelchairs. Power scooters are considered to be suitable for people with good trunk control, adequate upper body strength and dexterity to operate the controls and be able to transfer to/from the scooter seat. They allow such people to pursue their social as well as vocational pursuits with safety and independence. There are many add-on accessories available in the market to make mobility scooters more safe and suitable for the specific needs of the rider. The downside however is that these scooters cannot be used for indoor mobility.

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