What is a legacy?

What do you want to leave behind, what do you want to be remembered for by friends and peers, what do you want your legacy to be. I want to be remembered by the good things I have done and not the mistakes, I want to have a positive trail left behind me. A legacy is something that you will be remembered by, something that defines the person you were but not the person you are. My legacy consists of me being audacious, Convivial and Auscult, mine shows that I am not glued to my device as much as every other grade eight. I want to be my own person.

Social media footprint

Social media has had a huge impact on how we act and behave, it has changed the way we see others or ourselves. Unlike most grade eights I am not fixated on social media, I don’t even have a phone, the only source of social media that I can use is Instagram. Instagram is an app that you can share pictures with friends or strangers; you can have your account private or public. I have my account private and I rarely post pictures, I don’t share as much as other grades eights do. Mainly now everyone wants to show off physically and look the best they can in their photos, I have rarely ever posted selfies on the internet because I feel like it exposes too much to people I don’t know.

Moray in Roatan


Audacious is what I want to be remembered by not only at school but everywhere else. It shows that you are not afraid to try something foreign to you, or something that seems dangerous to others. I am a licensed scuba diver which is one of the coolest things I have ever done, I wasn't afraid of going to the bottom of the lake when others were. At the end of the course the instructor told my dad I was the head of the class and I should pursue diving, the reason I was at the top was because I wasn't afraid of going through with taking my mask off, taking my regulator off. To be audacious can help you in life, in some cases it means you'll never hesitate to do something different. Someone who is audacious is never afraid to do something out of their comfort zone such as skydiving or even diving. Would you ever step out of your comfort zone and try something new? The world is full of opportunities. Some of our world’s greatest adventurers are very audacious such as Columbus and Robert Ballard. Columbus traveled west were no one else had gone, the rest of the world thought that you would fall off the side of the world. Columbus being audacious still went and in the doing he found North America. Robert Ballard was determined to find the Titanic at the bottom of the ocean. He gathered teams and never gave up on finding the ship wreck. Being audacious will help me in the future because I will try new things which will open up new opportunities.


Convivial is a trait that shows someone is positive and fun to be around, I am Convivial. I am always positive around my friends and peers and never try to put anyone down, it shows that I am a fun person to be around and that I can brighten people’s day. Most of my friends are convivial, whenever we are with each other we find a way to make the other laugh and have fun. To be convivial is a good trait to have during life; it will be easier to make new friends in different places. Being Convivial makes everyone around you feel good about themselves which always brightens my day. Ellen Degeneres is very Convivial, on her show she is always giving out gifts to those in need and make the audience and viewers laugh. This will help me in the future because people will enjoy being around me and will treat me kindly. For jobs this will show that I will be a positive person to work around and not cause any negativity, it will help me in interviews showing that I treat people the way I want to be treated.


To have someone listen to what you say and be interested is a good feeling, it makes you feel important and special. Listening is a good way to learn new ideas and opinions of everyone around you so you can bring more to the table. I am Auscult during school and at home, I am always the quiet one in class or at family occasions. I listen to what everyone says and hear both sides of the story and don’t just stay with my opinion, I always considerate others ideas before I give mine so that I could tie in everyone’s and make an outcome that everyone enjoys. Dr. Phil is Auscult he listens to people on his show and helps resolve their problems. This will help me in the future because people would enjoy my company because I would always listen to what they said.

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