"Princess/Beautiful Lady"

Snow White

"Queen, thou art the fairest in this hall, But Snow-White's fairer than us all." (Randall Jarrell)

"And because she was so beautiful, the huntsman pitied her and said: "Run away then, you poor child." (Randall Jarrell)

pictures: (Snow White, Deviantart.com) and (Snow White and the Prince, Wikipedia.org)

Daisy Miller

"Winterbourne looked along the path and saw a beautiful young lady advancing. 'American girls are the best girls," he said, cheerfully, to his young companion." (James)

"They were wonderfully pretty eyes; and, indeed, Winterbourne had not seen for a long time anything prettier than his fair countrywoman's great various features- her complexion, her nose, her ears, her teeth. He had a great relish for feminine beauty; he was addicted to observing and analyzing it; and as regards this young lady's face he made several observations."

picture: (Paul VanDerWerf, flicker.com)

Helen of Troy

"Many a life beside Scamander's streams perished for me." (Helen. Euripides,Helen 52).

"Trojans … and Achaeans … hear from me what Paris , who began this trouble, now proposes. He suggests that all the troops should ground their arms while he and Menelaus fight a duel, between the two armies, for Helen and her wealth. The one who wins…shall have the lady, goods and all, and take them hom with him, while the rest of us make a treaty of peace." (Hector 1 to the two armies. Homer, Iliad 3.85).

picutre: (Helen of Troy, Wikimedia.org)

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