cruise control

by: Rhett Sullivan

brief history: cruise control was founded in 2013 by Kaleb Gutierrez and Rhett Sullivan. cruise control was founded for me and my friends to ride around on scooters all day. We established it in the summer after i came back from Houston. Every member in our society has a razor scooter. We are currently three and counting and still growing.


we protect one another since there is only three members. We are at all times either riding the scooter with three of us or two but never alone. So far we have been safe and people honk their horn at us sometimes but most of the time people laugh at us. We don't care though, all of us go to ep fitness to get strong except Kaleb. So we don't have to worry about not being protected.

creative expression

We go to parties, movies, were always at each others houses, were always riding scooters wherever we go. All of us are on the Franklin football team. We all have to workout with each other for football and also for other athletics such as track. Whatever we do together we have fun and if one of us cant pay for something like when we go out we pay for one another. we are always doing something.

Climate region

we are in a desert region so sometimes we are not able to scooter due to the heat. the heat effects us a lot whenever it is hot we are to lazy to scooter so we either stay at our houses or just go to each others and eat or something. Most of the time we scooter around 7 so we can escape the heat and go to sonic or go to the football field to workout. we always at least try to be active. We contact each other through the phone to figure out our plans for the day.

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