Keep Blooming

Anne Frank Tackk
By: Maurissa McNeal
3/17/14 3rd Period

As Anne converses with Peter in scene four, she realizes the importance of life. The thought and sight of nature seems to bring peace and happiness to Anne. She says to Peter, "You can have roses and violets and chrysanthemums all blooming at the same time . . . It's funny . . . I used to take it all for granted . . . and now I've gone crazy about everything to do with nature" (Goodrich 951). This shows Anne's state of mind. She appreciates every little thing in her life now. As herself and others have been living in the Secret Annex, there were times when Anne felt sorry for herself and the situation she is in. But as she speaks with Peter, she realizes that she should overlook the bad things in life and just keep blooming. She should keep trying to better herself and others instead of waiting for an unexpected miracle to happen.

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