corn flakes Robber

14 May 2014

A normal day in a village, Jake was eating his corn flakes in his picnic table outside in the yard.

Jake didnt know something, a corn flakes robber was wacthing him behind a tree and waiting the great time to rob the corn flakes. So Jake forgoted his spoon and went inside the kitchen and bring it to the picnic table, but when he went inside to bring the spoon his corn flakes plate disapeard.

Immediatly Jake called the police and told them. someone had rob my corn flakes plate almost 3 minutes ago.

5 minutes later, 5 police cops and 10 police men were looking the robber. One of the police mens saw a man moving behind a tree. And gues what, the corn flakes robber was eating it in a tree. When the police cop came they took him to jail adn then the robber died there.

                                                                           The End