What is a tornado and how does it form?

A tornado is violently spinning wind that can reach up to 300 miles per hour. This is how it forms. A dry front meets a cold front and then the air rotates. How the air rotates is when two winds that are going different paces meet and form wind shear.(The air rotates horizontally.) The air from the thunderstorm forms and touches the ground.  A faster spin creates a funnel cloud and when the funnel cloud rotates and touches the ground, it creates a tornado.

The Tri-state tornado

The tri-state tornado was the deadliest tornado in all U.S history. It happened on Mar.8 1925. It crossed through southeastern Missouri, then went through southern Illinois, into southwestern Indiana. This tornadoes course was estimated to be between 151 to 235 miles long. This tornado caused 1.4 billion dollars in damage. 695 people died.

Stoughton Tornado

The Stoughton tornado was in 2005. It happened on August 18th. It lasted 8 hours and 40 min. Luckily mostly everyone was prepared, and only one person died. This tornado caused $42.537 million in damages.

Impact on human life

To prepare for a tornado there are scientific and general ways to do it. In general you would plan in advance where to go if a tornado ever hit the area you are in, and what items to have with you. Scientifically you would go into a basement, a room with no windows, or the lowest point possible. Get to anywhere you can be out of the winds path.

Safety tips about tornadoes

1. Make sure you know the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning      2. Have a specific place in or near your home to go in case of a tornado                  3.Make sure you have all desired materials such as a FM radio, a flashlight, food, first aid kit,etc in your emergency place.                                                                                        4. If you are ever running from a tornado run at a right angle so you are getting out of the tornadoes path.                                                                                                                5. Listen to your local news during the tornado.                                                                  

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