Digital Citizenship

Be a good digital Citizen

What is digital citizenship?

Digital citizenship is the proper use of technology primarily online in a positive and respectful way.

The elements of digital citizenship:

-Digital Access

-Digital Commerce

-Digital Communication

-Digital Literacy

-Digital Etiquette

-Digital Law

-Digital Rights & Responsibilities

-Digital Health & Wellness

-Digital Security

Digital Citizenship includes:

-social media


-shopping online

-the trail of information you leave online


How do you be a good digital citizen?

-think carefully about what you post on social media

-contribute positively to online threads

-stay safe online, don't go on untrusted  sites, and protect your identity

-understand what is is you are doing in various online activities

-follow the laws and regulation around what can and cant be done online or through the use of technology

Final note:

Digital citizenship is an important topic that not many people know about or understand, it is important that more people learn about this topic, to become a better digital citizen and help to make the online world a better place.

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