Our Mission

Our mission is to “write on a creative high” and enhance a wide range of literary works and creative projects while executing meticulous detail and precision for the success of our clients, partners, and our company.

Our Vision

Penphoria envisions a harmonious culture of creative writers, artisans, entertainers, and visionaries who promote excellence in writing literacy and the Fine Arts while effectuating social and positive change among our youth.

Who We Are...

What We Do...

Penphoria is an Atlanta-based writing and publishing company that specializes in creating, drafting, editing, proofreading, restructuring, and revising academic, artistic, business, career, creative, literary, music, technical, and web-based writing. Our goal for every project is to ensure its contents are grammatically, mechanically, and structurally sound. In addition, Penphoria will produce, direct, and release playwrights, documentaries, films, and television and web-based series adapted from internal and external literary works.

Why We Matter...

Although Penphoria is a business first, we do not negate the monumental responsibility to engage, educate, equip, enrich, and empower the lives of our youth. With this in mind, we discovered the perfect synergy to operate our business while developing young entrepreneurs, visionaries, and game changers. We launched the Penphoria Etiquette & Arts Program (PEAP) to answer the call. PEAP provides a multifarious platform that serves as a conduit for our youth to express, exude, and exercise their love and talent for writing and the Fine Arts. With writing as the epicenter of our brand's existence, we believe it to be the gateway to executing successfully every project and endeavor we purpose to do in the Fine Arts.

Granted, business and entrepreneurship are essentially vital to establishing a healthy and prosperous livelihood; however, we believe adopting effective etiquette and social skills along with great character, morals, and values are tantamount to ensuring such a life. To achieve all this, we incorporate enriching workshops, seminars, special events, and more into the PEAP program to position our youth to develop and evolve personally and professionally as young, exemplary entrepreneurs and leaders.

As a company, we are organizing, planning, and preparing to offer each PEAP member an opportunity to partake in commercial and monetized projects across literary, entertainment, music, and theater-based works, in an effort to help them learn the ropes of entrepreneurship and position them to begin building wealth in their youth. Truly, we believe our children are our future, and this is why we believe Penphoria and the PEAP Movement were birthed to serve a higher purpose. Click the button below to signup your child today.

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