By: Jemon Levi Jr

About my topic

Infidelity=Its when someone have an affair and is cheating. When people has violated their rules in a relationship.

Facts=Its supporting a rival group. Its someone trading on you. Its between groups and indivisuals.

What causes my infidelity?

The causes of it is complex. Affairs happens in mostly marriages but mostly troubled ones. Most people do it when they don't trust someone then that will cause them to do it. It causes people to do it when the other people have affairs or either they don't trust each other. You have to have low self esteem for to let something or someone make you do that.

What are signs of my topic?

1. to feel guilty

2. leaving clues

3.leaving signs of things

4.paying extra close attention

5.extra flirty with the opposite sex

6.noticing something different in your sex life

Who tries to help?

parents, counselors, teachers, and famous people all tries to help infidelity. Parent's try to stop by telling kids don't do it. The marriage counselors just try's to prevent it instead of helping it.

why is it important?

Its important because its really sad. Ssometimes if you know how sad and horrible it is and makes people feel they probably will not do it. If there really nice then they will probably convince people not to do it.

Sources that I used

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