University of Notre Dame

Mascot: Notre Dame Leprechaun

Notre Dame: A History

The University of Notre Dame began on November 26, 1842 when Father Edward Sorin and seven others obtained ownership of 524 acres in the Indiana mission fields. The school was made and was named “L’Université de Notre Dame du Lac” (The University of Our Lady of the Lake) by Father Sorin and on January 15, 1844 it was officially chartered by the Indiana legislature. However, in April of 1879 the main building which was essentially the entire school burned down. It was rebuilt over the course of the summer with the aid of over 300 workers.

Admission to Notre Dame is highly academically aggressive with about seventy percent of its incoming freshmen being in the top 5 percent of their high school graduating classes. Notable alumni include Condoleezza Rice, Nicholas Sparks, Austin Carr, Austin Swift, and Skylar Diggins.


Fight Song

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum cumulative grade point average (unweighted): 2.5
  • Minimum ACT composite score: 19
  • Minimum SAT score: 900 (Critical Reading and Math)
  • College Preparatory English     4 units
  • Mathematics                             3 units to include Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II
  • Science                                     3 units with laboratory experience
  • Social Studies                           3 units
  • Foreign Language                    2 units of the same language
  • Fine Arts                                    1 unit

Tuition and Costs

Tuition and Fees


Room and Board1


Books and Supplies


Personal Expenses




Total Cost:


English Literature Degree Plan

The English major requires a minimum of 10 courses (30 credit hours)

Introduction to Literary Studies (ENGL 30101)

Elective courses. Eight English courses at the 30xxx or above.

Distribution requirement. In selecting elective courses, students must fulfill the following distribution requirements (for details about counting courses toward this requirement see below). NOTE that a single course can satisfy more than one distribution requirement. For example, a course on Shakespeare's major plays would satisfy the 1500-1700, British, and drama requirements. It is possible to satisfy all of the requirements with five courses.

  • Literary History
    1 course in the period before 1500

    1 course in the period 1500-1700
    2 courses in the period 1700-1900

    1 course after 1900
  • Literary Culture
    1 course in British literature
    1 course in American literature
    1 course in a literature in English outside of Britain and the United States or in American ethnic minority literature
  • Genre
    1 course predominantly concerned with poetry

    2 courses predominantly concerned with 2 genres from the following list: fiction, drama or film, critical theory

A single course can fulfill the requirement in more than one distribution category, but it may not satisfy more than one category. For example, a survey of Renaissance literature might count for pre-1700 (history), British literature (culture), and drama (genre), but would not count for both poetry and drama (two genre categories).

Creative writing courses may satisfy the genre requirement, but no more than two may count toward the major.

The number of courses needed to satisfy the distribution requirement will vary, depending on the courses the student selects, but not all electives need fulfill a distribution requirement.

Research seminars do not fulfill the distribution requirement.

Student Life: Game Traditions

Player Walk: The team walks from the Gug to the Hesburgh Library, proceeds south toward the Stadium, and enters the house that Rockne built through the Tunnel gates.

Student Section: Students stand throughout the entire game wearing green an giving the image of a sea of green. They scream, cheer, do push ups when the Irish score and dance the jig.

Career Description: Editor

Editors rewrite and edit copies of manuscripts sent into the companies for which they work for. They provide input at titling and packaging meetings, direct the work of copy editors and proofreaders, incorporate author changes, and team with the typesetter and creative director to ensure the best possible product makes it to market on schedule. Editors can work with outside partners, authors, and freelance writers.

Salary: $28,000-$97,000

Responsibilities: Evaluate manuscripts and select high quality, marketable material to publish.

Required Education: Bachelor's Degree (4-Year College)

Projected Job Outlook (2012-22): *2% decline (all editors)

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pride that I write this letter of recommendation for one of my most promising students, Kaitlyn Magnuson. She is very dedicated to her studies as a Liberal Arts major; is responsible, diligent and shows much interest in attaining a job at your publishing company.

Kaitlyn is very expressive and voices her opinions in a very clear and thoughtful manner. From what I can tell from her writing she takes a great deal of her inspiration from books that have been published by your company. Kaitlyn is timely in turning in her work, pays attention, and actively participates in class discussions. I believe that she will have no problem transferring her strong work ethic from the classroom to your company. In terms of how Kaitlyn works with others, I have observed her to be a leader, but can she can also work cohesively as a team player. She is task oriented and creative.

Kaitlyn is a capable young woman who is ready for the responsibilities and creativeness required for the job at Harper Collins. I believe that your company can provide her with the experience to grow and become the freelance writer she aspires to be one day. Your company will truly benefit by having such a dynamic and dedicated hard worker.

Noelle Marquez

Head of Liberal Arts Department

Professor of Linguistic Studies

University of Texas at El Paso

El Paso, TX 79938

Tel: (915) 504-5949


Persuasive Essay

        Learning is a task everyone must face; we learn from our experiences, people, and books. Growing in our education takes us to far places and increases a person’s ability to understanding and reason. I believe I deserve to attend Notre Dame University because I have such a passion and determination to learn and grow in my knowledge, especially in English literature and creative writing.

       When I was younger I, like most children aged five, did not know how to read and at the time I had no desire to. In kindergarten I was nearly held back because I was one of the only children within my class that did not know how to read. I remember forcing myself to memorize the words of one book and then attempted to convince my parents I knew how to read multiple books. Even when I finally learned how to read, I never liked it, that was until I went to second grade and became fascinated with Magic Tree House books. This fascination turned into a great love and passion for fantasy and fiction books. When I was in fourth grade this love translated to interest into writing my own stories. Every chance I had I would be writing stories, whether it be for an assignment or just for my own pleasure, I simply adored writing.

       As the years continued my interest in literature grew along with my inspiration to write. This passion for writing led to my middle school teachers recommending me for a UIL competition. The competition was called Ready Writing, where I was required to write an essay inspired by a prompt given to me. I did well in this competition and two years in a row I received second place. I believe this aids me greatly in my goal to study English literature and creative writing at Notre Dame. I am determined and will even go as far to say talented in what I aspire to achieve and study.

       In other words, I believe my passion, love, and talent for reading and writing makes me deserving to attend Notre Dame University and pursue a major in English Literature and a minor in Creative Writing. I believe I am capable of withstanding all the standards Notre Dame sets as a university and am extremely excited at the very thought of being able to attend such a prestigious university. I know Notre Dame is a perfect choice university for me because it will provide me the tools to succeed in the studies I want to pursue and the future career I envision for myself which is to be an author and editor.

Cover Letter for Editorial Internship

Kaitlyn Magnuson

1357 Trail Blazer Drive

El Paso, TX 79936

Cell: (915) 555-4932


Editorial Internship

HarperCollins Publishers UK

77-85 Fulham Palace Road



W6 8JB

United Kingdom

To Whom It May Concern:

I am interested in applying to the six month editorial internship at HarperCollins UK that was listed under the Collins Listing in the Current Vacancies on the HarperCollins website.

I am qualified for this internship because I am a recent graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a bachelor’s degree in English. At the present time I am a student teacher in English I for high school freshmen at El Dorado Ninth Grade Academy, which means I assist the teacher in lessons and edit and grade the students work, including their essays. Every other Friday I teach a creative writing workshop at the El Paso Public Library.

I have always had a passion for reading and writing and have strived since high school to do whatever that is possible to further my knowledge in both. I have long since harbored an interest in book publishing and I believe an internship at HarperCollins will benefit me in broadening my knowledge in the required skills in this field.

I believe I will be a great asset to your company for the six months that I would be allowed to intern. This internship would provide me with far more than just six months of working experience but will strengthen my editing skills and allow me to grow further in my future career. I am available for an interview and am excited to wait for your reply. Thank you for your consideration.


Kaitlyn L. Magnuson

Kaitlyn Magnuson


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