Security Methods for Protecting IT Systems and Data

Physical Control Methods

Locked access - locked access is where there is a gate up on private land so members of the public do not break an entry to the private land.

Key card access - Key card access is when a person has to have a key card to access a certain area of a building or car park. Having a key card also stops the chance of theift as you need a key to enter a room.

CCTV - CCTV is used for catching people breaking an entry into a building or to catch someone on the run from the police.

Security Guards - Security Guards protect certain grounds such as private land there job is to capture people trespassing.

Computer Based Methods

System backups -backups mean making a copy of the data held on the system in case the original data gets lost or damaged.

Firewalls - Firewalls are there to protect against viruses and unprotected apps going though your computer system.

Encryption - encryption is the process of encoding messages and information in such a way that only authorized parties can read it.

Software Patches/ Updates - patching is a piece of software designed to update your computer programs or it supports data.

Anti-virus and anti-spyware software - Anti virus software protects your computer from viruses of the internet and malware.

Access rights - Most networks will have been set up with access rights this mean the administrator has set up each person who logs on.

User IDs and passwords - User IDs and passwords are used to protect your files and data  

Evaluation of access control methods used for protecting IT systems.

The good things about access control methods are that they protect your computer from all sorts of viruses and people breaking into your computer. The bad things about access control methods is sometimes your computer does not pick up on viruses or software update firewall also can be switched off witch could allow as virus to get into your computer so always make sure your computer has its firewall on. The good thing about having system backups is if your computer doesn't save your work then there is always a back up. the bad thing about system back ups is you have to back it up your self so always make sure you back up your computer at least once a week. Access rights are good as only the administrator sets up each person who logs on but if your administrator account get hacked then any one can log into the network. User ids and passwords are always a good choice as there could be several people could be using the same computer as you so always make sure you have a password.