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Gysel Ponce 2nd

The University of Austin Texas has its history and traditions. In 1883 it was the formal opening of  the campus. Students from all over Texas and all over the world have come to The University of Texas at Austin to find challenges and open doors for them selves.   One of there tradition is that they are known for there famous longhorn hand signs in the year of 1955.The hand sign is a tradition when football games or any other event is going on at the university. In 2010 the university celebrates there 125  anniversary. The University of Texas had a new tradition it would cherish for decades to come.

After my high school years I plan on attending the University  of Austin Texas. Why?  i picked this University is because its the country’s highest-ranked public research universities and it caught my attention .  I've been wanting to go to Ut Austin because i believe its a good university. My cousin is attending there and says its "a great university to go to everyone is so nice and helpful, and they have many traditional celebrations"   



Campus life

Many students here join many different clubs and organizations. Everyone on this campus is busy and getting what they want done. the life the students have here is great and everyone seem to be helpful to others and If you prefer lecture halls, you'll frequently find world-class musicians and speakers on campus. In recent years, the university has welcomed engaging speakers like the Dalai Lama, Barack Obama (for a nationally televised presidential primary debate with Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is now President Obama’s Secretary of State), Bill Gates, Al Gore and filmmaker Robert Rodriguez,as well as performers such as Jerry Seinfeld, Kanye West, George Lopez and Keith Urban.

George Lopez

kanye west

Career path

The career path that I chose is a peditrician. Children are so cute , and I love how their imagination runs wild and it gives me. I also always feel bad when a little kid is hurt so ,  ever since i was in 6th  grade I've always wanted to just take care of children . I also love kids and  I feel that's the best part, to help those little kids.

I plan to began a new life by when I graduate college, I will have made a impact on many kids lives

And that's why I chose a pediatrician for my career path.

Career description


General pediatricians are doctors who work with babies, children and adolescents. Pediatric physicians must have general medical knowledge and an understanding of how treatments affect different developmental growth stages. Pediatricians must complete four years of college, four years of medical school and a 3- to 8-year residency. They must also have a  certificate through the American Board of Pediatricians.

Pediatricians require a significant amount of formal education. Learn about the education, job duties and certification requirements to see if this is the right career for you.

Fun facts
UT's mascot used to be a pit bulldog named Pig.

A UT head cheerleader was the first to throw the Hook 'em Horns hand signal at 1955 pep rally at Gregory Gym.

letter of  intent

Gysel Ponce

11960 Waterside

El Paso, Texas 79936


May 14, 2015

Employer name

Hollister Co.

8401 Gateway Blvd W

El Paso Texas 79936

Dear Mr./Mrs. Last name

I am responding to the employment opportunity listed on your website. Please accept this letter and accompanying resume as evidence of my interest of position in applying for this job. I believe that my qualities and characteristics will prove to be very beneficial towards your store. Being accepted into this job will help me in my future by giving me experience for the real world. Being accepted will benefit me, but I’m confident that being accepted will also be favorable towards your organization. . I would appreciate your consideration of my credentials. And I welcome the chance to meet with you to hear more about your company, the requirements of the position, and how my skills would be a great fit.

Sincerely, Gysel Briana Ponce


Gysel Ponce

Career Objectives

i hope to be placed in avid my sophomore year

Education History

July 2014 - May 2018

pebble hills high school
9th grade
El Paso, Texas

July 2012 - May 2013

Jane A. Hambric
Middle school
El Paso, Texas

Work Experience

Jan. 2015 - Dec. 2015

care taker
El Paso, Texas

» very nice opportunity to work with children
watched over the kids and fed them
played outside
led them to sleep before 9pm.

Volunteer Experience

Jan. 2015 - Apr. 2015

Elpaso, Texas

» i led people to there seat at the place.
i took there orders
and took there food to them

Awards & Certificates

» citizenship award (May 2014)
» leadership (Jan. 2014)

Extracurricular Activities

Volunteerism, Student Council, Choir/Chorus, Soccer

Hobbies & Interests

» Soccer

Skills & Abilities

» Microsoft Office

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