A drop of honey

a small but careless mistake

  • The king was eating his breakfast with the minister
  • a drop of honey fell from his spoon to the balcony
  • a fly came and licked the drop of honey
  • a gecko saw the fly and ate it
  • the cat saw the gecko and leaped on it
  • the dog saw the cat and they both started fighting
  • the owners of the shops that were nearby tried to stop the cat and dog
  • the owners of the cat and dog started fighting
  • the minister informed the king that there is a fight going on
  • the king got irritated and insisted that there is nothing to worry about and that they both eat some more honey
  • the families and friends of the owner of the cat and dogs came and started fighting
  • then everybody joined and started fighting
  • the soldiers came to break it up
  • but instead they started choosing sides and they also started fighting
  • civil war started and the town was left in ashes
  • a few days later, the king admitted his mistake while looking at the ruins of his palace

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