Seaworthi + Cleveland Flea

Saturday, September 13, 2014 • 11:30 am– 12:30 pm

Seaworthi is FINALLY doing a workshop at the Cleveland Flea!! (yah!!) The Class will be 1 hr long and you will learn the basics of calligraphy. It will start at 11:30am and last tip 12:30pm. The fee is $45.00 per person.

Beginner Calligraphy Classes

What you’ll get:

1 pen | 1 Zebra G nib | pot of ink |  tracing paper pad | practice alphabet and grid | envelopes and fun paper!

What we’ll do:

If you’re interested in learning calligraphy, or just like to try something new – this class is for you. This class is truly meant for beginners – if you’ve never picked up a calligraphy pen before, you’ll want to take this class! We’ll go over the basics, including dipping your pen in ink, understanding ink flow and pressure, basic script letter forms, and developing your own lettering style. I’ll be available to answer any questions about calligraphy the whole class. Classes will be limited to 10 in size to maximize learning!

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