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Hearing all the cars on the road as the car drove smoothly across the highway trying to find where to stop. Everyone in that car was starving but errands had to be done. The family searched for the clothing store that they were looking for. Finally hinding behind a small tree was the store. The store was so girly but pretty in a way.When they got what they wanted they searched for a food place. Corn dogs where fifty cents that day so they got six. They also get mozzarella sticks and french fries to go with it. They were also thirsty so the mother got a shake and the children got slushies. They ate at the same place they got their food. When that was over they headed home. The youngest children played video games and the oldest watched youtube in her room. The mother chilled in the living room. That night there was a bad storm coming. Daddy came home before the storm. The family all stayed in the living room and watched television. Finally the storm ended and all was well. Even though everyone had to go to bed.