preblems with zoos


zoos often say there saving animals from dying but there not. Are they even really saving the animals in the world.And wild life and providing vital research into the lives of animals. but are zoos really the champions or are they. Animals should be let free and not be kept in zoos where they usually aren't happy because they cant go out into the wild, their true home. They need to live free lives, not lives stuck in cages. they don't survive because they don't know the skills to survive.Animals are being hurt in zoos not being taken care of because cages some parts of the cages are sharp so the animals can hurt them just think animals are getting hurt and people are doing it.

These animals who are away from their own family are wanting to go back into the wild and be apart of their pack and do some of their animal life things  such as hunting and exploring. Animals are just like people, they need families to live with and a bigger amount of space to roam around in.Zoos harm animals because they give them no freedom. They also lock them up in cages for their whole lives and most of the time take them away from there own family. If i was an animal I would want to be in the wild safe with my family and be happy.

Sometimes animals get bored because they have nothing to do in their cages but just  eat and walk around. The animals are also put under a lot of stress because of humans always watching them or being around them none stop. the zoos don't let the animals have peace and quit or have you should help!!!!!

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