The Reproductive System
Sophia Lynn/Period 6

Hello! Today I will be speaking about the male and female reproduction systems. Before we start here's a quick introduction video.

The Reproductive System Explained

Stop at 2 minutes. So this video pretty much explains that without the reproductive system, there would be no life and the human population die out. There is alot more to the reproductive system than you would think of. But what are the different parts of the reproductive system, and how do they work?

The Female Reproduction System

This is the female reproductive system. The Fallopian tubes have tubes that connect the ovaries to the uterus. Ova (egg cells) are carried from uterus through the Fallopian tubes. The ovaries have two jobs. They control your periods and store your eggs. The vagina is where the baby comes out from, where the menstrual blood comes out from, and what is used during the reproductive process. The uterus holds the baby during pregnancy.

The Male Reproductive System

In the male reproductive system, the vas deferns is a long muscular tube that brings mature sperm to the uterus. The epididymis is a long twisted tube where the sperm matures. Learn about the rest of the male reproductive system here: (Only required to read about the testicles, penis, vas deferns, and edidymis)


The female menstruation process happens when the egg is not fertilized and the walls that had been building up to support a baby are being destroyed. But, if the egg becomes fertilized, the baby development stages start slowly month by month. This should give a pretty good idea of the stages.

After 9 months you get a tiny bundle of joy! I'll end with videos of cute babies.

Thanks for watching! (Watch as much as you want!:))

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