When we it was raining I wish it wasn't and the  first thing I thought when I got to UTA was that  it looked huge, It did not look like a regular school like the ones I seen. It had this place that was for athletic stuff I thought that was cool. I think my favorite part about going there was the magic/science show, because it was amazing what the did with dry ice, I new what dry ice was but I did not that it could do all that stuff with is and the elephant toothpaste I think it was made of food coloring, soap, I think some kind of  I forgot  what it was but it was cool. What I did not really like was that we did not get to walk around and really see the college like how it feel. It would have been better if we really walked around the place. It a good school but I don't see my self going there because I want to go to  Cornell University.   

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