My Amazing Birthday Party

Let's Go To Disney World

               You will have an awesome time at the birthday party, I am sure of it!

May 2 , 2015

The absolute location of Walt Disney World is 28.4186 degrees N and 81.5811 degrees W

My birthday party is for all of my best friends. It will be held in Orlando, Florida at Walt Disney World. We will leave early in the morning on May 2nd and fly to Orlando. After we arrive we will go straight to our hotel, Art Of Animation. Then, we will go ride rides. We will get back on May 4, 2015.  Walt Disney World is located north east of Tampa ,FL and south of Jacksonville, FL. We will have an amazing time. We will ride tons of awesome rides such as Splash Mountain, Mad Tea Party, and Space Mountain. We will also eat at incredible restaurants. For example, Cinderella's Royal Table.

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