Apps for Education

1. Tophat

            Top hat is a great tool for teachers to use in their classrooms. Tophat allows teachers to set up questions and polls for students to access during or after class. Tophat can be used to get immediate feedback on how well they have taught the lesson by seeing if students can get the correct answers on a few questions. Tophat can also be used as review as the students have access to old questions at all times.

2. Twitter

         Twitter is a very popular social media platform. Teachers can use twitter as a way to communicate to their students. A teacher can create a protected account and allow their students to follow them. Teachers can then tweet information to students, such as reminders for tests or helpful links.

3. Notability

         Notability is a great app that can be used to enhance a students note taking experience. Notability supports PowerPoints, word documents and PDFs and allows students to also add notes to this files. Notability can be used as a well organized note taking and keeping tool.

4. Google Drive/Google Documents

          Google Drive is a cloud storage system that allows students to save their work online and then be accessed from any device anywhere. Students can use Drive to save their work on a laptop and then access it on their smartphone or vice-versa. Google Documents allows students to create and share documents together. Documents is a great tool for students working on a group project because it is essentially an online Word Document. It allows students to work together without having to be physically together.

5. StudyBlue

           StudyBlue is a great app that essentially replaces physical flashcards. Students often find the use of flashcards effective in studying for tests, so StudyBlue made them digital. Users are also able to create quizzes to study from. Users can always go back and check which questions/flashcards they got right/wrong. StudyBlue is a great tool for studying.

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