Fast Food Fest

Business Proposal :Karim Veney


I am a great cook, I love cooking and working with others. I am interested in proving fast food to people. I want to bring another way to get good healthy and fast food on Germantown Avenue for cheap prices.

People should come to me because I have fresh food and they should come atleast to taste the food.


My Goals are easy and simple. For my short term goal I will try my hardest to pursue at least 500 customers. It shouldn’t be that hard to pursue that goal as long as we keep our food good and fresh. My long term goal is to go big time and to be named best and most popular fast food restaurant in Philadelphia.

Main Competitors

My main competitors would be others fast food restaurants, breakfast places, food markets, and local deli’s on E Chelten Ave. Most of my competitors are the stores or restaurants that deliver and cheaper. If people sell the same thing but cheaper its gone to be hard to sale my food in that area.


To open my place I approximately 20,000 dollars to begin. I will find a good location to plant my fast food/restaurant at. This money to first get the business at least started, with supplies and equipment then I need so to pay my employees. The rest of the money will go rent, inspections, payroll.