Taylor Weinschenk

March 24 2015
Tough Questions

I noticed in the beginning that Melinda's friends have left her and now they bully her and act like she doesn't exist. It starts off by her getting on the bus and sitting by herself.  She also names the groups that the school has, where the people fit in most and she describes herself as the outcast. Also where her parents don't talk to her anymore, and the teachers all look at her with glares and are mean to her. Melinda's old best friend Rachael told her in the morning on the first day of school that she hated her.

March 25
Words of the wiser

I thought that Melinda's art teacher, Mr. freeman, is a very wise individual. He gives the art class a speech in the book. When he started talking to the class about finding their soul and finding their hearts. He talked about how he let his little daughter Jenny kick around a globe one day and she kicked Texas in and how he used his creativity and made that globe into a powerful visions, of people fleeing from the whole. I think that this will show up later in the book for Melinda's help. The author wouldn't have put that much information in the book if it did help her out in the future.

March 26
memory moment  

The memory moment that I thought was good was when Melinda was in her bio class and she was dissecting her apple and she remembered when her dad used to put her on his shoulders and lift her up into the the apple tree and they would pick apples together. Another memory moment is when she is decorating for Christmas and she remembers when she was a kid and when she believed and her parents showed interest in her.

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