Business Cards

Seth Vargas

Good Business Cards:

Ninja Business - This is a really fun card and it brings out the 8 year-olds in all of us. Plus, it makes something uninteresting, like "project inquiries", into something exciting.

Cheesy Business - This is a really, really cool. Not only does this card give me information, but it also grades cheese for me. This is amazing.

Hair Business - This is amazing since they have the whole design of the sound waves going up and down while music is playing, but the ends are in the shape of a comb so you can also comb your hair. Simply stunning.

Baked Good Business - It's a card that's shaped like a cookie. Or a cookie shaped like a card. I really hope it's the latter. What more could you want from a bakery?

Divorce Business - What a clever way to advertise your business for being a divorce lawyer.

Bad Business Cards:

Stolen Business: The person that "made" this card simply stole it and wrote their own information on it. Very sloppy and unprofessional.

Egg Business - The design for this card has nothing to do with what the business is about. It honestly looks like it was designed by the guy's 9 year-old son.

Frog Business - The design has nothing to do with the business that it's supposed to advertise. Plus, it looks like the frog is peeing in the pool. Very unappealing.

Film Business - The card is clearly very small and looks like you wouldn't be able to read the text unless you were in the perfect light. Very unproductive as an advertisement.

Crappy Business - Not only does the person steal the original card and write their own information on it, they write it in the worst handwriting I've ever seen. Nobody should take this card seriously.

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