Bob's Incredible Adventure

“I quit!” Bob shouted, “I have been working for you and this company for fifteen years and I have not received a raise and quite frankly, I find this job quite boring.”

“Bob,” Maxwell continued, “are you sure you are thinking clearly?”

“Thinking clearly?” Bob scuffed sarcastically, “This is the best I have been thinking in a long while, I hate this dead end job.”

“Fine, do not let the door hit you on the way out.” Maxwell said. Bob started to walk toward the door in a step of victory and just when he opened the door, he heard Maxwell mumble under his breath, “You were not a very good employee anyway.” This made Bob very depressed and aggravated at the same time and because of this, he slammed the office door and stormed toward the elevator.

While on his way toward the elevator, he thought he noticed a woman looking at him but he did not think anything of it and disregarded the fact and continued to the elevator. Bob entered the elevator and pressed the button for the parking lot and watched the elevator doors slowly close.

Bob opened the door of his 2004 blue sedan and went into the driver seat. He slowly turned the key in the ignition just like he always does and listened to the sedan’s engine revving and not start. “Great, just great,” Bob said to himself, “I quit my job and I cannot even leave the parking lot!” Bob threw his keys into the passenger and rested his head on the wheel. He started to sob and wonder why his life has been so rough. He was a thirty-four year old man that had no wife or kids, now had no job, and because of his sarcastic attitude, he never had enough luck with the ladies.

“Need a little help?” a women asked. Bob looked up from his steering and saw the woman that watched him enter the elevator. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She had long, wavy, black hair, and round black framed glasses. Her body was short and round, just like her face. Bob could not stop staring and was speechless. Then he remembered her question and quickly thought of an answer.

“Yeah I could use a little help,” Bob continued, “my car usually starts, but it has its days.” Bob was delighted to see her laugh at his sarcastic remark and he started to laugh too. This could be the one, he thought, she already thinks that I am funny. “Do you have any jumper cables?”

As the elevator was descending he was thinking of his actions today and what he was going to do with his life in the future. A thought came to his head of ice cream and he decided he wanted to get some ice cream. Just then the elevator doors opened and he walked toward his car.

“Yes,” she answered, “they are just in my trunk, I can get them if you would like.”

“Yes,” he answered, “that would be great, thanks.” The woman went over to her car that was conveniently parked next to Bob’s and opened her trunk to retrieve the jumper cables. After she grabbed them, she walked over to Bob’s car and asked him to pop his hood. After she helped him jump start his car she went over to the driver seat to talk to Bob.

“Thanks for the help,” Bob continued, “and what is your name?”
“Anfernee Rodrigez,” she answered.

“Well Anfernee, would you like to get some ice cream?”

“Yes,” she answered. Bob then opened the door and let Anfernee into the car.

He then pulled out of the parking lot and drove on the highway toward the west side of the large toilet they lived in. The toilet was created in 2014 and back then it was a porcelain masterpiece. However, with the year being 5284, the toilet was corroded but it was still standing strong. The toilet was made as a safe haven due to nuclear war that happened many years ago. Comically the toilet was the only thing that stayed after nuclear warfare. The large toilet was as large as a state and because of this, it could hold the last survivors of the human race.

While Bob was driving, he remembered that he did not know the directions to the ice cream parlor and he asked Anfernee if she knew them but the problem was that she forgot too. Bob, then decided, to pull into a rest stop and ask people for directions. Luckily, someone knew the directions and told them that it was just down the street.

When Bob pulled into the ice cream parlor, he and Anfernee exited the car and walked into the parlor. When they entered, Jimmy, the ice cream worker, asked them what they would like. “I would like strawberry ice cream,” Bob answered.

“And I will have vanilla,” Anfernee replied.

“Coming right up,” Jimmy answered. Jimmy then went and scooped their ice cream for them. When Jimmy returned, he gave them their ice cream. However, the problem was Jimmy gave Bob chocolate instead of strawberry.

“Hey I ordered strawberry,” Bob commanded.

“Congrats you want a cookie?” Jimmy asked sarcastically.

“That is it I am taking your ice cream truck!” Bob exclaimed as he ran for the door. A very smart Anfernee threw a well placed punch and knocked out Jimmy with one punch. She then followed Bob to the garage and help him fill the ice cream truck with strawberry ice cream.

“That guy was a jerk,” Anfernee continued, “let us get out of her and keep the truck.” They then got into the truck and drove on the highway towards the west side of the toilet, and more importantly his home. When Bob pulled into the driveway he decided to enjoy some ice cream with Anfernee. “Is there something you want to ask me?” she asked. Bob tried to muster up as much confidence and courage as he could.

“Anfernee,” Bob continued to shyly ask, “do you want to go out with me?’

“Yes,” she replied, “I would love to.” Bob then continued to eat ice cream with his new girlfriend and thought that even though Jimmy gave him the wrong flavor, today was a pretty good day.

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