Starts with A
Rise and shine

I made each theme my own by just picturing in my head what it means and just seeing something and being like "that looks like that thing!"

I like each photo for different reasons.  I really like the apple because it's the only thing with color.  I like the rise and shine because you can see the power-lines and it's hazy towards the back.  I like the path because it looks like she cant choose so she just gave up.  I like the friends one because often people make stronger connections with animals.

I would crop the windshield wipers out of the sunrise picture.  In the path I would clear the grass off the path.  In the apple I would round out the bite a little more. In the friend I would take the collar off my dog and perhaps put it off more to the side.

I liked the theme of "path" because it could be anything, like what I did, the path that you are headed, the path that you dream of, etc.