Levels of Organization

Every human being starts off as a cell inside their mother that later expands.

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As time develops the cells it will expand into a massive blanket scientifically known as tissue.

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The tissue would soon develop into organs that shapes the fetus.

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As the organ systems complete you form into a real human being inside your mother.

When come into the world you're now an organism.

As your with your family (the people who looks similar as you). You will find yourself in a population.


When you meet someone who is different from you. You'll be apart of the community.

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Non-living things don't have the same characteristics as you do so you find yourself living in a ecosystem.

Going out to play with the kids outside climbing the local trees, breathing in the fresh air, playing in the water on a warm day all the things to keep you and every other organism just like you alive in the biosphere.

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