By Paige

Blue water

Blue Water: Blue water means fresh water. It comes from oceans and is rain.

Grey water

Grey water: is waste water. it comes from dirty water and washing clothes

Green Water

Green water is stored in the soil. it comes from plants

Amazon basin

Problems with bottle water

The problem with bottle water is that is it's expensive, but to solve that problem you can use tap water as it is much cheaper.

Slogan: Don't buy bottles of water all though tap water is around the corner.

Trade in virtual water

The concept of a trade in virtual water when good and services are exchanged, water used to product them.


This is the first graph i did on the virtual water.

Virtual water

This is the second graph for virtual water

Virtual water

The concept of a  trade in virtual water is when goods and services exchanged, water is used to produce them. eg:

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