Shobana Iyer 04/15/14

Looking through the photo albums
reminds me of so many memories,
such as playing with my father
with my innocent little mind.

We would hide in closets,
pretend we were traveling in a train,
or act like spiders crawling around
trying to get away.

The many times we would watch movies
and reenact memorable moments,
such as Simba and Mufasa
running through the fields.

There would be moments
when I would plead my dad,
for a Barbie doll
or a cute new pink dress.

My father and I enjoyed
my childhood and his immaturity.
We will never forget those moments
and will continue to cherish those memories.

Although these collections of memories
bring me contentment,
they also bring me deep sorrow
as I realize my innocence is flowing away.

as the years go by,
I will become more and more of an adult
and I will be living my own lifestyle

The games and laughter
will eventually come to an end.
The adorable pink dresses
will turn into blue jeans and t-shirts.

My life will change
and so will my mind.
But one thing that will remain in my heart
would be these precious memories.

I will become that big girl,
as I grow more exposed to this world.
But one thing I will always remain
is daddy’s baby girl.

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