Christian's Personal Values

                           I Value Family

I value family because I can get a the love and support I want from them.

I Value Athletics

I value athletics because they give me something to do and keep me healthy and in shape.

I Value Education

I value education because I learn new things everyday that will help me in life later on. They also teach me lessons that I can use during life as well.

I Value Animals

I value animals because they can give you all the love as your friends and family can and they stay loyal to you always. They also can make you more calm and less stressfull.

I Value Friends

I value friends because these are the people that are there for you when you need them, not only that, but make your life easier and way more enjoyable.

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3 years ago


This looks awesome! You did a great job. You clearly stated your values, gave me nice photographs, and explained why you value each item. Thanks for sharing!