If you don't already know...

There is a fascinating group of performers known as Pentatonix. They are a known-worldwide acapella group of only 5 people. They have extreme knowledge in music and many people are saying that "they are bringing a new type of acapella to the playing field," and I agree. They are not like any other acapella group i have heard. They have an unique sound that the world seems to love.

Pentatonix is made up of 5 members (names are left to right): Avi Kaplan (26), Kevin Olusola (26), Mitch Grassi (22), Kirstie Maldonado (22) and scott Hoying (23).

Pentatonix has had many achievements since they first began. They Won the sing-off in 2011 (Season 3), which is how they came together. In 2012, they released their first ep: "PTX Volume 1". Around November of 2012, Pentatonix put out their first Christmas album: "PTXmas". I believe They also went on their first tour in 2012, but i'm not exactly sure. Also they performed at the 2012 AMAs. in late 2013, they released: "PTX VOL 2". They had already been invited to many radio shows and radio shows since they won the sing-off. They continued touring in 2013 and their fanbase was growing. In 2014, they released "PTX VOL 3", and also performed at the 2014 amas. During their 2014 tour, they began a YouTube series on their "PTXVlogs" channel called "the PtXperience". It is an inside look on their tour. Also during that 2014 tour, Pentatonix started touring in Europe. THEy performed at many events and grew even more popular. this year, they won their first grammy for "best arrangement, instrumental or acapella" with their Daft Punk Medley. They are on their "on my way home tour", currently in Europe, while they are making/recording an all originals album to be released in the late spring or early summer.

Now that you know what they've achieved, let's look at how these five people came together and just exactly who these people are!

HOW PTX Came to be:

There were three kids from arlington, texas (they went to my future High school, martin) who decided to enter a contest to be on glee. they posted their contest entry onto youtube.

Although they didn't win the contest, their video did get some attention. These three high schoolers decided to try out for the sing-off. The requirement was to have four members, so they began to look. A mutual friend told the trio about a great bass, so they called him and he was interested. Then the trio found a beatboxer on Youtube, who has seen the trio's video and was extremely excited to work with them.  

A day before the sing-off tryouts is when the five people first met in person. They made it on the show and also won, and here they are now.


Scott hoying is the "lead singer" of Pentatonix. He sings baritone, and is an amazing person. He has his own youtube channel "scotthoying". He is funny, kind, and an awesome guy!

Mitch grassi is a sassy, fun-loving, bold guy. He is the tenor of Pentatonix, but can hit super high notes!! if you go through ptx videos, you'll know what I mean. "mitch grassi" is his youtube channel, but he's only posted one video in the past year or so.

Together, scott and mitch have a youtube channel called "sup3rfruit", which has a new video every tuesday. They are hilarious, and i tune in every tuesday to watch their new video. Also, scott and Mitch live together and have a cat named "Wyatt blue grassi-Hoying".

Kirstie is the only girl in the group, and she is very humble and sweet. She can go pretty much anywhere she needs to go vocal-wise. She doesn't have her own youtube channel, but her, like the rest of the group, has tons of social media.

Avi is the spectacular bass of the group, but he also has a great falsetto sometimes used in songs. He is VERy handsome, and all the lady-fans seem to love him (I DO)! HE has his own channel "Avi Kaplan", and is honestly a super nice guy, and a manly man (if you get what i mean, lol).

Kevin is the beatboxer of the crew, and is also an amazing tenor! He plays the cello along with his beatboxing and calls it "celloboxing". It is awesome!! He has a youtube channel "Kevin olusola" and just released his own ep, "renegade". He is also called "k.o." and his cello's name is Beyonce. He is a super hard worker and has the best laugh!!

NOW, Just some great pictures of Pentatonix!

Recently, i went with @elizabethgleason to one of their show on their "On MY way home" tour and it was amazing! They as great live as they are on a recording. It was an experience i'll never, ever forget!!!

Overall, I love these guys so much!! You should check them out! PEntaholic for life!

*SEE y'all with another random tackk next Tuesday!!