Government System Of S.E. Asia (China)

By :lexi


1).What kind of government does the People's Republic of China have? Unitary

2).Who is the leader of the People's Republic of China? China's Communist Party (C.C.P)

3).How is the leader chosen? Nationals People's Congress (N.P.C)

4).What type of Legislature People's Republic of China have? I am not sure but there are three branches of government in China. First,  The executive branch includes the president, vice president, premier, and vice premier. Second, The legislative branch is made of the National People Congress. (N.P.C). Third, The judicial branch is made of the Supreme People's Court.

5).How is China's legislature chosen? National People's Congress (N.P.C)

6).What are the rights of the citizens in China? anyone who is 18 can vote.

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