World Cultures Project


By Lauren

There is Australia.

Australia's Map

F is For Family

-The average Family has 2-3 kids

-There is equality so there are no gender rolls in the houses

-It is not uncommon to have over 3 kids just like America

This is a Fanily having a picnic

A is for arts

-They have Rock Bands just like us

-Banjo is a very popular instrument

-and regular art like painting, drawing and sculpting,.

This is an example of some rock are they do

G is for Goverment

-The Australian Government is a democracy

-76 seat senates and they each last for six years

-You HAVE to vote once you turn 18

This is Australian people protesting. This shows that they are aloud to protest.

O is for Outdoors

-People in Australia have been trying to save the sharks , sharks are being killed at a rapid  rate.

-Australian snakes are one of the most venomous snakes in the world

-The most famous animals in Australia are the kangaroos and kola but they are not as  common as some other animals there

These are bearded dragons and originated in Australia when they were wild they people started breeding bearded dragons and  now are being loved by many owners.

Y is for Yum

-3 meals a day like us

-They consider it rude to put elbows on the table or use a tooth pick at the table

-They usually leave very small tips for the waiters at resturants

This is a red bush apple that grows in Australia.

My Reflection

One of the principles is culture is seen and unseen because they value sharks and do not want them killed but you see them being killed. Another principle culture is shared among a group of people. Australia shows that when they all get together and protest there belief. I did not realize how similar Australia is to us.

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