Most Commonly Encountered Facebook Chat Problems And Ways To Fix Them

Facebook chat is one of the most used features of Facebook. Its popularity can be identified by the fact that FB messenger app has almost the same number of downloads as that of the Facebook app. It offers a number of features that can be used while you chat with your FB friends. The users can send messages, receive messages, send/receive files, emoticons, images, links, stickers, voice messages, videos, share location, GIF, video chat with friends, etc. These help you express your emotions and also help you remain in touch with friends. These features help you provide a feeling that you are right next to the people you are interacting with. But sometimes Facebook chat encounter some or the other problem with their Facebook account. Some chat problems can be fixed on our own and others require the help of experts. If you too encounter similar problems you can contact Facebook customer service phone number and get the problem fixed by the experts.

Here are some of the reasons which cause Facebook chat problems and various ways to fix such problems.

Facebook may be blocked in your country, school, college, office, etc. Some service providers block Facebook when accessed through their network. You can also try asking the service provider, college, school, office, etc. to unblock Facebook. If not possible, it is recommended to access Facebook with some other network.

Some server scripts, extensions, add-ons, etc. may not let you access Facebook. In such a case you can use some other browsers, or remove such faulty extensions, add-ons, etc. and then fix the issue. It is also recommended to use the latest version of the web browser recommended by Facebook. Sometimes clearing the browser’s cache, cookies, etc. also may solve the problem for you.

Sometimes some software also conflicts with browsers and may not let you access FB. In such cases, it is recommended to find such faulty software and remove it.

If you are not able to chat on Facebook, you need to see if you are available for chat, or hidden the sidebar, or whether you have blocked the user you want to chat with on Facebook. In such case you need to either turn on the chat, or show the sidebar, or unblock the user on Facebook as may be the case.

Sometimes some users use scripts for chat controls. In such cases when the scripts are updated, the old scripts become useless. So it is recommended to either remove or update such scripts.

While using third party applications, you need to make sure that latest features of FB are updated. Sometimes the third party applications are not updated as quickly as applications. In such a case you need to update it or request for an update.

Sometimes server issues also cause FB chat issues. These, however, are fixed immediately by the FB experts.

In case your account is also facing Facebook chat issues, you can contact Facebook customer care immediately by phone. The chat problem of FB is fixed immediately by the experts. If you encounter some other issues with FB as well, it can be fixed immediately by Facebook representatives.

Dial Toll-Free Number:

+1-844-773-9313 (USA)

+44-800-051-3717 (UK)

+61-180-082-5192 (AUS)