6MEH.1.1 TheDecision-Making Model  

Step  1 . State the situation : Your friends ( including someone you have a crush on ) start smoking , which they say makes them "grown up ."

Step 2 . List the options : You can smoke with them , you can tell a grown up , or you can just not do it and walk away .

Step 3 . Weigh the possible outcomes :  If you do smoke you could get lung cance, and you could get in trouble with your parents . If you do not smoke you would not get in trouble or get hurt .

Step 4 . Consider values : I would not smoke because you are reflections of your parents and my parent would not do t

Step 5 .  Make a decision : My decision is to not smoke

Step 6 . Evaluate the decision :  I made that decision because I could have gotten in trouble if I did smoke , or I could have gotten hurt .

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