1960's Project
Skye Clemons & Andy Balmas
5/6th hour

in the 1960 the first taser was invented.

The first version of astrotu was made.

The first  computer video games was invented in 1962.

The rolling stones were a popular band in the 1960s.

Kevlar was also made in the 1960 for the police.

In 1964 the first smiley face was made.

1963 the first computer mouse was invented.

The first mechanical arm was made in the 1960s got car manufacture.

The original Taco bell opened in 1962.

Wendy's opened in 1969

1962 sprite and the easy bake oven came out.

1962 Total cereal and coffee mate was invented

The original Pringles came out in 1968

in the 1969 the first man landed on the moon.

in the 1960s the first sub was built.

in 1960 Dixie's donut Cream opened.

in the 1960s the Beatles were popular.

The Beatles were a popular band in the 1960s

In 1966 Shakey's pizza Parlors.

in the 1960s the first satellite was made.

The first lava lamp was made in the 1960s.

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