Fossil Fuels

Coal, Oil, And Natural Gas

        This is the amount of chemicals being released into the air after fossil fuels are burned. You can also get a better understanding of how much cleaner in is to produce and use energy from the sun, water, and wind. The problem is that about 67% of our energy comes from burning these precious fuels. Unfortunately, these fuels will not be here forever, so we will soon have to start relying on natural resources, and renewable recourses, before we are completely out.  Some people might think that fossil fuels, are renewable, but that is only partly true. Over time, fossil fuels are produced by the earth, and it takes about 300 million years for it to be formed, but since the earth has been a planet for far longer, we should have a infinite amount of these recourses. But it is not the case, in this situation. We use up far more fossil fuels, than the earth can produce. We have already used up most of the oil currently being produced. There are still quite a lot of fossil fuels that we can use in the future, but many of it is scattered randomly around the world. If we do not start using more renewable resources, we might run out more quickly than we expected.


Coal, Oil, And Natural Gas

        Coal is produced when the dead remains of ancient plants, are underground for  millions of years. When more and more dirt, sand, and stone starts to pressurize the remains, and combined with the heat from underground, the remains are slowly turned into a black stone after releasing the oxygen. It now is created into the substance we know as coal. We burn coal widely around the world causing carbon dioxide to be released, destroying our ozone layer. It is widely believed that the chemicals released into         the air, cause global warming.

       Oil and natural gas are created after animal absorb energy from the sun.  When they die, they are covered in layers of sediment. After sediment builds up more and more, heat and pressure starts to set in.  The heat and pressure, turns the dead animals into the oil. Oil is also widely burned, and turned into gasoline, which is used to power cars and other vehicles.

    These kids will teach you about how coal, natural gas, and oil (also known as fossil fuels) and how we use them. Check it out     

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