College and Career 2nd period English 1 Leslie Moreno

Texas A and M

what does Texas A&M stand for Texas A&M stands for agricultural and mechanical college .

What is Aggie, it's student at Texas of A&M university in the early 19000s A&M student are known as farmers this term began in the 1920s and in 1949 the yearbook changed the name to Aggie Land and ever since then that is the official body nickname. Some of the official colors were maroon and white 'spirit of Aggie Land ' they chose these colors because those colors were a "rich tradition" the students can get paid to launch a business . For the University Baylor college of dentistry they have researched for 42 years.TAMBCD founding has graduated more tan 9,000 dentist and dental hygienists.Texas A&M has graduated the largest number of dental hygienist with bachelors degrees in the sate .

Virtual  maps and images of campus

college application

admission requirements
GPA 3.28 to 3.57 SAT 1600-1950 and a 24-30 on ACT

after you are admitted  New Student Conferences Fish Camp T-Camp New Student Programs Events Calendar

student life

explanation for why i went this path

the reason why i decided to choose  this path is because i really like to help out the community. This career sounds very interesting. And doesn't require lots of heavy lifting. You make people feel better about them selfs at the same time  making me feel better about my self. which is why i would love to become a dentist .  

visuals of career

Earnings for dentists can range from around $70,000 and up  $200,000 a year. Dentist are responsible for educating patients on oral healthcare examining teeth and diagnosing patients dental conditions by using tools such as x-rays and treatment plans with patients . To become a dentist, you need to attend dental school. you must first complete either a bachelor’s degree or at least 2 years of college-level pre-dental courses .To finally become a dentist, you must graduate from an accredited dental school.

additional information on being a dentist

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