My Own Photos I Took

I took the pitcher then edited them on pixlr, with most of my photos I had trouble with making it look amazing.

This pitcher is of a simple rock i took it on a angle to get the WOW!! out of it it seemed to work.

The edited rock from the one above, this rock was made with a grey an brown filter to give it the boom of the two coursers put into one.

My edited pitcher from the one above, I added a fairy garden border and a filter called Kevin, I was trying to make it a dim photo with a beautiful border.

a simple pitcher of moss lying on the ground, it court my eye so I took the pitcher,

I added a flower border then I added a spot filter with cute little blurry spots.

thank you for looking at my pitchers

A wonderful pitcher of simple trees, I chose the spot because its beautiful ans natural.

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